The City of Los Angeles began using Zebron in Wastewater Structures in 1981. Years of extensive exposure have proven Zebron’s ability to protect concrete and steel from sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide gas along with the many other chemicals found/utilized in the wastewater environment.
Manhole Rehabilitation
In the 1980’s, with the help of Southern California Municipalities, Zebron pioneered a form of manhole rehabilitation and lining that has become the system of choice for numerous agencies across the country today. Zebron has rehabilitated thousands of sewer manholes. Our system pairs the finest material with 30 years of application expertise.
High film thickness, superior abrasion resistance and low friction make Zebron suitable for shop applied pipe. Flexibility, rapid ambient cure, and superior cured film make it an excellent choice as well for the lining of existing pipe. Zebron designs and builds customized Pipeline equipment to line large and small diameter pipe, to any desired thickness, in a single application.
Potable Water
Zebron #386/9000 and #486/9000 meet the ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 5, Barrier Materials testing requirements for use in potable water. Certification documentation is available upon request. Tests show no water penetrates Zebron. Zebron is spray applied, to any thickness, in a single application, to form a tough yet flexible membrane that is ideal for both concrete and steel substrates.
Zebron has been tested by the U.S. Coast Guard and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where it produced superior results as an Abrasion Resistant Low Friction Coating.
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