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Zebron coatings are formulations of 100% solids non-solvent polyurethane. When applied they cure without shrinkage to form a tough, yet flexible membrane which provides exceptional protection from severe corrosion and abrasion. Zebron resists nearly all acids, bases and salt solutions over a wide range of concentrations. Zebron also meets the ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 5, Barrier Materials testing requirements for use in potable water.
All equipment used in the application of Zebron products is custom built by Zebron at the same factory location where the material is manufactured. Equipment is designed specifically to apply Zebron Polyurethane and is never cross contaminated or used for the application of other materials.
Zebron Polyurethanes are manufactured by Zebron Corporation. Zebron is produced using dried AA Castor Oil, a natural oil polyol or biopolyol. Castor Oil is the only commercially available natural oil polyol that is produced directly from a plant source. This dried AA Castor Oil is procured from the same source each time for the express purpose of quality control.

Only dried AA grade Castor Oil is used, certified to meet specifications for color, gardener, hydroxyl value, saponification value and acid value among others. All raw materials used to manufacture Zebron conform to a set of very specific physical properties. Ingredients cannot be substituted for lower grade or generic equivalents.

All raw materials and finished products at Zebron’s facility are closely scrutinized and audited. Twice a year, our factory is inspected, records are audited and finished product is sent to a certifying laboratory for analysis, A sample of every batch made is retained and tested in our laboratory for specific gravity, viscosity, moisture content and gel time. The end result is a highly refined product with predictable properties, containing no trace elements, that is consistent batch after batch.
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